Beverly Brook seat.    40cm x 50cm oil on canvas board.
 Putney common willow.  Oil on canvas board,  25cm x 30cm.
 Beverly brook walk   30 x 40cm  oil on board.     £300.   unframed.   SOLD.
 Himalayan Peak     22 x 13 cm   oil on board.  
 Mountain Deluge.   Oil on board  26cm x 34cm. 
 Tibet village.  Oil on board  33cm x 40cm.   
 A Scottish moor   21 x 16cm  oil on board. 
 The Valley   17 x 12cm  oil on board.
 Dingle boat  19 x 14cm   oil on board.  
 Dingle inlet   19 x 14cm    oil on board. 
 Dreamscape cliff  20 x 17cm  oil on board.
 Rain sheet  16 x 22cm   oil on board.  
 Dreamscape of river.   15cm x10 cm.   Oil on Board.
 Rolling  14 x 20cm   oil on board.  
 Mustard rambling   16 x 22cm  oil on board.
 Yellow hills  13 x 15cm  oil on board. 
 Hills of mist.    Oil on Board.  30cm x 40cm.
 Evening glow  20 x 12cm  oil on board.
 Purple mountain  26 x 31cm  oil on board.  
 Canadian blue mountains  24 x 29cm  oil on board.
 Dark storm at sea  17 x 21cm   oil on board. 
 Foggy road   18 x 25cm    oil on board. 
 Grassy beach 16 x 25cm   oil on board.  
 Rusty trees  18 x 18cm  oil on board. 
 Laken mist  28 x 30cm  oil on board. 
 Red plains rising   22 x 32cm  oil on board.   
 White cliffs  22 x 32cm  oil on board.  
 Dandelion Fields   20 x 24cm  oil on board. 
 Grassy Fields  20 x 24cm   oil on board.
 Dutch landscape  28 x 30cm  oil on board.   
 Peach beach  21 x 30cm  oil on board.
 Island blue   21 x 34cm  oil on board.  
 Misty coastal cliffs   27 x 36cm   oil on board.  
 Teal storm    30 x 41cm    oil on board.  
 Sunset road   29 x 39cm    oil on board.   
 Embankment dusk    20 x 12cm   oil on board.   
 Beyond storm    27 x 37cm     oil on board. 
 Stormy Beach    16 x 25cm    oil on board.   
 Laken abstract    33 x 36cm   oil on board.
 Desert Abstract    44 x 74cm    oil on board.     £800
 Himalaya Trekking     44 x 74cm    oil on board.
 The Darkening.    106cm x106cm x 3cm, oil on stretched canvas.   £1500.  SOLD.
 Framed in Gold for exhibition.
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